Tuesday 20 February 2007

Blogiversary blue - Flickr faves

Originally uploaded by mitayuudodo.

This is where my head is at a lot of the time.

Originally uploaded by mitayuudodo.

I wish I was there.
I remember when I was in Turkey with the love of my life and we would swim in mercurial sea to watch the sun set most days. It was incredibly serene. Neither of us spoke, we just lapped up the silence and the colours.

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I know this has had a lot of blog viewing but it couldn't be missed from my blue week.

Sorry about the black outlines, I've posted these using the 'blog this' button in flickr, and this is how it does them.


Anonymous said...

I like the black lines. I think they are fine. But, I like even more the migaes you are sharing... and the romance story... Lovely...

Anonymous said...

loving these blues cally..really gorgeous images..you have a great eye...will try and join in with you!

Anonymous said...

That particular shade of blue is quite beautiful, isn't it?
see you, g

paula said...

These are just amazing photos. Thank you so much for sharing :)
What a coincidence that I posted some blue images on my site recently and I'm happy you like them. Thanks!
If I spot some blue beauty around and have my camera I will definitly join you on this colour week. Have you thought of extending it to other colours? One for each week.
If you do please let me know. Cheers! :)


lovely photos, cally!

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