Monday 26 February 2007

Blogiversary blue - last day

Originally uploaded by Elena777
The entire flickr set is of the amazing Luly Yang boutique,
I'd be in heaven playing at dressing up in there.

Originally uploaded by Calanan -
thanks for letting me blog this though there was no 'blog this' button.

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Originally uploaded by the butterfly collector.
I'm utterly envious of this amazing articulated blue fish necklace

Originally uploaded by decor8
I love blues with greeny colours, all the more aquatic.
And of course, I love textured embroidery.

I didn't want to repeat images I've already blogged but a tiny selection of past fave's are...
Camilla's lamp, Corey's french armoir, Grainne's brooch, this room I liked, bird card by Annemaree & Rose and these Anthropologie pieces.

Some of my own blues... my blue things post, some of my old sea themed artwork, illustration, my Fly cards, my teacup photo, me with blue face, graphic I did of the cat on my birthday last year when it snowed (ok the snow was not blue, but it was exciting).

More blue links, cause I really never did show as much as I wanted to this week...
Blue reflections on a mirrored 'crazy paving' style building.
Very cool retro turquoise bus. I'd very much like to own that.
Really lovely faded grey/blue wooden door. It has a woman mowing the grass and lots of dandelion 'clocks'.
Bright blue (not a blue I like really) caravan. It's got sticks for window spars.
This, on the other hand, is exactly the blues I like, always good on panelled wood.
An orange in turquoise pool.
Pale blue sewing machine.
Pot of pens on red gingham against turqiouse
Cute old toy tin car.
Mosaic shoes with a touch of blue by Helen Mary Stewart.
Caravan door with kids 'Ye Olde Shoppe' sign painted on.

Whoops, just realised toes are numb and I was really meant to be trying to access my dodgy email (dodgy software, not dodgy emails). Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was full on but satisfying as I was well fed. Thanks to all who popsted blue pics, or allowed me to post their blue pics. It's been fun. I will do another colour themed week next month, but for now just want to do regular mixes.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the blue - serene.

I have a little articulated fish ear ring that has lost its partner. Email me and I would be delighted to send it to you.

Anonymous said...

Well fed is very good!!!I have loved the blues. Fresh yet reminding us that winter is still here, and spring is around the corner with those lovely dresses!!

Suse said...

Lovely pics!

Thanks for visiting my blog recently.

amisha said...

these blues are wonderful... i love them with a hint of yellow and green too. a bit of tranquility in the day.
i wanted to do some more blues but still waiting for my lost camera! :( so i will have to join you on the next color go-round...

Anonymous said...

Cally, have you ever seen this tool? It lets you pick a color then it returns Flickr photos that match that tone.

- mike

julie said...

fantastic collection of blooooooos!!

Cally said...

Wow, what a generous offer. I was ready to email immediately, no shame here when fish on offer, but there's no email or blog link on your comment.

Finally read tons of your blog in the car on the way to England. Your long posts were great, love the way you tell a story. I laughed at lots and found your family history fascinating.

Nice to see you here too.

The next colour should be a warm bright one, and I know you have lots of them so even if your camera doesn't turn up you could use old pics of fabrics etc.

Ooh, like the colour picker on Etsy? I can see I'll have great fun with that, thanks loads. Not on broadband today/tomorrow so I'll have to savour that pleasure later.

I think even my non-blue post will have blue in it toooooo.

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