Saturday 10 February 2007

winter roses

A lot of people have a few roses still in bloom, in the snow. I suddenly remembered I had these roses. I still can't see my blog properly, usually one pic is missing, but this one is only meant to show two anyway.


Anonymous said...

Today seems as good a day as any to tell you that i have been lurking around your blog daily for over a year now and everything you post opens a portal of inspiration to me! I love the aura of tranquility and calm you generate here, the organic feel of it all and the wonderful sense of space that accompanies everything you post, whether it's a photo you took yourself, something you created, or the work of someone who inspires you. You don't know me of course, but you are a little (usually blue hued) piece of my everyday anyway.

xo Wee (

Cally said...

Wow that is so lovely of you. Thank you. I'm feeling a bit low on the verge of catching a cold today and this is the only comment I've had time to read, it has put a big smile on my face :0)

I've got to go over to L's to deal with Marley's bad behavious tonight but I will look at your site tomorrow. Thanks again!

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