Tuesday, 13 February 2007

frosty morning

Mmm-mmm. I love that muted gray green you get when paint fades or things get frosty. I really wanted a high quality pic of the hand print on the frosty car window but I could see the man over the street looking like he was about to call the police (not my car).

It's funny the different reactions people have to photograph taking. If your not snapping a person, a view or a landmark they can get very suspicious and act like they think your either crazy or criminal!

I managed to access quite a few of your lovely comments but couldn't get the connection working to reply, but thank to all who typed me a message, I really do appreciate you taking the time. I'm gagging to have regular broadband access back so I can begin to read and comment more on all your blogs again, I really miss that.

12 hours later....
Blimey, what a day. I wolloped my finger the other day so typing is hard, but dog walking is harder. Marley was a dream on our sunny lunchtime walk (those frosty pics are from last week). But I'm finally back from his latest walk which was an absolute trial.

He was utterly hyper, as if he'd eaten too many red M&M's, or blue Smarties or whatever freaks kids these days. And then when I got him home he was dreadful, jumping, slightly biting, barking...no idea what was going on - he's never like that with me though he does it with L a lot.

I think possibly he's trying it on with me as the dog training lady was here yesterday and worked ahrd with M and L to get him to recognise her dominance. I reckon he thinks if he can't dominate her he'll try and dominate me. Forget it dog (says I, heart going 500 beats per minute, sweat pouring down my brow, hand shaking and voice GONE). But I did 'win' in the battle for top dog eventually.

When I left my brain was so addled that, in the dark shadow of the tree I mistook a small round Hebe bush for MrP's cat! I was chattering away to it in a hoarse whisper. It was only when I leaned down and stroked it I realised my error. Thankfully no-one saw!

Finally, before you ask, no valentine's cards, well, not real ones (Ruthy, thanks for the one you sent me, it was a hoot though I was freaked that I looked like Ivana Humpalot, from Austin Powers, in that outfit!).

I've only ever had 1 proper card in my life in Primary 6 (5th Grade) from a boy called Craig. I know it was him because he had very distinctive writing - his 'e' was always back to front! Wish I still had it, but my mum always chucked my things away.

Here are some cakes I saw in the bakery last week for all you romantic (or just plain cake lovin') types. And some berries for the rest of you...


Anonymous said...

ill take the berries (remember the hips!) so pleased i found you ... you make me smile!! i feel like ive known you for ages :)
Lovely pics for love day...hope you had a happy day in the end xx

Cally said...

Hi Julie,
Berries, you'd be a good influence on me to stay away from the cakes. Yesterday was really difficult (with the dog) so I caved and ate a WHOLE family size tirimasu! I should have bought some blueberries instead. But it was yum yum yummy! I'm enjoying dipping into your life too, all that sunshine and such similarities ni what we like creatively.

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