Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Marcus Oakley

Marcus Oakely project for Pointer footwear

I'm always meaning to blog about Marcus Oakley ever since seeing his work on T's for Howies and his sewing on his own site. But I hadn't seen his 3D work before, like the piece above.

I don't need to find the time to do a blog on him now, because Mary Jo at Trust Your Style has done a great image filled colourtastic interview with him! Couldn't get a link to the actual post, so if you're looking it's dated 23 Feb '07. Well worth a look if you like fun, bright 70's happy graphics.


Anonymous said...

Great post - love Marcus Oakley -

Reference the fish ear ring - I'm at


Hope you warm - had a cold last week and thought I would never stop shivering. - Rest up and feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

oOOOO, Must take a peek. I mean how can I pass up fun bright and 70's??? PLease try to stay warm. No red shriveled fingers due to cold and wet, please!!!xxo, Vanessa

Cally said...

Of Course! You're Pale Blue Paper now that I knew, but I forgot you were also Karen! I'll email you . x

Hmm, dillemma, the only wya I can access your blog is to do it from the house with broadband, but no heating, so I think shriveled red hands will be called for.

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