Wednesday 28 February 2007

My nose runs faster than my feet

I love this shot of the lovely fabric wrap that Christine sent me, hanging against my neighbours shed. I looks like a flag, hey- the national flag of Callyland. Oh, now I want to screenprint it and fly it above my house. I've always wanted to have pennants up there actually, I love the kind that have really long streaming lengths. That's also one reason I love old ships, especially Pirate-type ships.

This is a photo of crates at local shop, I had lined up for my blue blogging, but couldn't get my own computer working. I have lots of blues that were 'trapped' and never got uploaded, so I guess there will still be a strong scattering of blue-ness over future posts. Not that that's a bad thing.

My cold is really digging it's heels in, but that's ok since I don't have to go to drag myself to work this week. I benefit I wasn't expecting. I bought £11 worth of fruit today (got veg yesterday but somehow forgot fruit). This is £4 over what I should spend on an entire weeks shopping, but I can tell my body needs it.

Skimming through Mary Jo's blog (previous post) I was reminded of a couple of women I've been meaning to blog...

Salee Oh

She does really sweet papercuts, they totally remind me of my childhood papercuts as far as the imagery goes... but her's are a)good and b) intact! I was never the best cutter with my blunt craft knife. Oh the sheer joy of discovering (at high school) that scalpels weren't just for surgeons! Even better, since I last looked in on Salee she has done a 2007 calendar with my fave California Colour Girl Jill Bliss. I think actually that I may have mentioned Salee last year, but always good to do again. Mary Jo has a really nice papercut of Salee's on her blog.


You're bound to have seen her fashion illustrations, even if you didn't know it was her. MJ has posted an interview with Lotie (again, I can't find a link but the date is 30 Jan '07) and it includes a good selection of her artwork plus views from her Paris flat. I've long liked the drawings she does with water in them as they are like my water dreams, more on that another time.

And finally, she mentioned this
, Pomega5 cleansing bar. It sounds really good, but I daren't look on their site as I know it will cost more than 50p. I'm guessing a LOT more.


lisa solomon said...

oh - these photos are so lovely! esp. the crates! wow....

hope the hot honey and lemon are working.... feel better !!

Cally said...

Thanks Lisa,
I'm on what I call 'phase 3' of the cold, which is the 'messy' but cleansing stage. Should be over it in a few days. Re those crates, I'm going to ask the shop if I can have a few for home, I think they may say yes!

Anonymous said...

i agree with Lisa and love the fabric on the blue bg..

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