Thursday 8 February 2007

fab fruit

More of the 'fruits' of my early morning. Breakfast of quinoa with banana and physalis. Not just physalis, FREE physalis- the girl at the checkout couldn't get all the reduction stickers off the pack!

I popped one down on a page of my book (photo by Martyn Thompson - see previous post) and loved the way it looked. I often take photo's of my 'things' on books but never thought to show them before. Took another on a different page because you know how I love those colours together... one day that will be my kitchen.

Last photo is snow on the bramble branches in front of the abandoned shed next door, you've no idea how much I want to just help myself to that shed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now tell me, luv (that was my Lothian Bus Driver voice!) are you doing anything special to that quinoa for breakfasting, or just cooking as per pack instructions? (Yes, I am currently trying to Eat More Protein so I ask questions like that!)

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