Thursday 30 March 2006


I love Blythe.

I've never owned a Blythe doll so I really get my fix of Blytheness through the inspired work of Gina Garan. What that woman does with her lens and her styling is beyond fabulous. I once bought 'This Is Blythe' for a friend and I must confess I wish I'd kept it for myself (especially since the friend stopped calling when she got a new boyfriend).

I was just looking for it today to explain the inspiration behind me hopping around the countryside with my Lindt Bunny and I found the Blythe website. Lots of stuff in there including e-postcards and a photo gallery. Even better, I discovered Gina has done another book called Blythe Style where she models 131 outfits from major fashion houses like Dior, Prada, Versace etc. My Amazon wishlist just got a little bigger.

And what do you know, when you put the books together you get blue and brown, which I just posted about...

And if you want a little more of the woman herself click here to read an interview with her, she comes across like a lovely person as well as a great stylist and photographer.

And there's another Blythe website here which I am off to investigate now!

1 comment:

Susan Schwake said...

you should have kept the doll.
why are women like that? i have never seen these before, but i think i would like to adopt one!

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