Saturday, 4 March 2006

March Snow

Another lovely day, sun shining and yesterday's snow is still on the ground. now, any normal person who likes the outdoors would have been straight out the door for a walk, and I live beside the hills so there is no excuse.But did I walk, no, I slept. I slept till 3pm!

In my defence I have to say I was trying to catch up on blog ready and posting my own blog till after 6am and I had only had 4hrs sleep the previous day. Lucky for me MrP took my camera when he went walking and I particularly liked these two photographs. The friendly sheep always look nice on a sunny day and the snow just makes it better.

I like the other one because it's my local organic farm shop, Damhead Holdings.
Technically it isn't anymore, they have built a new building (not in the picture) but I've always loved the green one even though the roof was leaky and the floor was collapsing, that place had real character. I'm sure I'll get used to the new one but it is so clean and well lit it feels like a normal shop now. I think it just needs some time to settle and have the character worn into it's fibres.

I really enjoy going there in the summer, especially since they built some picnic benches and planted small trees. I love to walk down there beside the fields (only 15mins walk from my home) and get all my healthy good foods and then totally spoil the health kick with a sugar packed Organic Elderberry soda or Lemonade. The Elderberry is my favourite one, it's such a summery taste, quite floral so maybe not everyone would like it, but I find it really refreshing.

How did I go from a picture of the place in snow to talking about summer? Maybe it's the bright sun outside, spring is on it's way at last. And all the little snowdrops are popping their heads through the snow just now, first flowery beauties of the year in my garden. It's such an optimistic time.


Robin said...

Hi Cally! I like your blog so far - I have just started one as well and am really enjoying it. Your pictures are lovely! Happy belated Birthday too!

Anonymous said...

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