Wednesday 29 March 2006

Even more Nokia & bunnies

Ok, I'm getting a bit obsessed now, but if you click on the phones themselves (see previous post) for more details and then navigate into the interactive demo you get a forest with flowers and then butterflies flutter out the back of the phone!

I had better stop this now, I'm meant ot be going to see Walk The Line and I still haven't brushed my hair, put on clothes fit for public viewing, been to the Council Office with my wage slip to prove I really am living on nothing and taken a thank you present to the post office.

The present is for my friend Mhairi who has just sent me a Torde plate (the blue one, Kate gave me the red one), one of his flower garland cards (which I have been wanting) and a pack of Origami paper! How did she know? So much kindness from someone who has just bought a new house and is a teacher and is surely too busy and too poor for this sort of gift giving - thank you so much!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the contents of my return package which includes a miniature cake with 2 Lindt Bunny escorts. I was putting the shredded paper on top and realised it would make the nicest nest for chocolate eggs...

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