Thursday 16 March 2006

Stamp Cups and Stags

I recently hand felted this cushion as a wedding present for my best friend and I embroidered the stag onto it as it is a very Scottish image but also very Scandinavian, which seemed appropriate since I met her here in Scotland, she now lives in Norway and she was married in Sweden (see my Ice Hotel post ).

It's hard to see well in this photo because the felt is so textured and the stag is embroidered in a matching cream thread. It's meant to be subtle though originally I planned to do it as a bold red on white blockprint. But that's christmas for you, it just makes me want to sew by the fire instead of getting mucky with ink.

A friend saw the cushion and confessed to her obsession for all things antler, so I keep my eyes open when I'm net surfing so I can send her in the direction of interesting pieces. Today I was rechecking
the Thorsten Van Elten site for stag, elk, moose type things and look what else they had, no more nasty coffee rings with these Stamp Cups by Valeria Miglioli & Barnaby Barford... you'll start to spill your drinks deliberately!

And speaking of cups, my best teacup with a tealight inside...


Anonymous said...

THAT TEACUP IS BLOWING MY MIND! How in the hell and the hootenanny did you do that?

Sorry to fill up your in box. I haven't been able to find time to visit blogs lately so I'm catching up!

Robin said...

It was great to catch up on all your posts! Hope the renovations are going well. Love the tea light in the china cup - what a great idea. I really enjoy the delicate beauty of china, but don't have a place to display it. This would be a great way to enjoy those family treasures and flea market finds.

Love the papa stour site as well - incredible jewellry. I often get discouraged by not producing results to the degree of excellence or creativity of others - but, I have to remind myself that most people are not born with that kind of talent, it has to be developed - so don't give up yet!

Cally said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. I love that teacup SO much, it's one of the ones I bought myself for my birthday on behalf of others who would have chosen less well... aren't I kind to help them out!

Re. the jewellery... I still make stuff but just gave up on the idea of it being my career after seeing Grainne's stunning work. I'll post some pictures when I dig out the pieces and photograph them. It's all documented in non digital (so frustrating now that I blog) so I need to re-take what I have.

Anonymous said...

a) The little stag is adorable.

b) I'd like to get the 'stamp cups' on 'mirror mirror'

c) Liking idea of tealight in teacup

d) Don't you dare give up

Sorry, there's so much to comment on that I need to be brisk and businesslike otherwise we'd be here all day...

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