Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Much loved blog Links

I just read my own blog, it's not as shoddy as I thought, rambling perhaps, but I like the look of it, far more coherent than I was expecting given my wide ranging tastes. But I saw that there was one huge gaping hole ... my links and appreciation of the wonderful bloggers who inspired me to blog too, and continue to inspire me daily.

I realised after reading the post about Ulla's site that I hadn't posted about others which had equally thrilled, enthralled and excited me because when I discovered them I hadn't started blogging yet (though I think most of you received an embarassingly gushy email from me).

I remembered that the day I posted the links was one of the days that Blogger was not working and I lost all my posts from that day, so the links never went on. That error is now corrected as you can see on the sidebar. They are all wonderful in their own way and are the links that I visit pretty much daily. There are so, so many more that I visit weekly but I don't want to have a huge list otherwise I'll feel cluttered which is something I have trouble with everywhere else in life, so I want to keep the blog slimline. I'm trying to keep links there that are regularly updated, so if you disappear it's not that I don't visit you anymore.

And now a photo, I love reflections, I love circles, I love water and I love blue things so I love my photo of the Falkirk Wheel 'the world's first and only rotating boat lift'. You really need to this this photo huge to appreciate the details but hey, bandwith, what can I say. At this rate I'll be reaching my 300mb limit in no time, then what.. Cally Creates 2 I suppose.

It takes the boats from the canal above and gives them the fairground treatment to get them down the the water below. Great fun to watch if you are there on a sunny day, which we were. But be warned, the tea drinkers among us (not me) were gasping because the queues in the cafe were way too long. Take a flask for emergencies.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love (the idea of) the Falkirk Wheel! It was something I came across right before I left to study in Edinburgh, but I've never been to see it in real life. Boats in the sky!

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