Saturday 18 March 2006

My penny pouch

Or rather, Anna's penny pouch since I sent it to her when I realised it matched her new green bag.

Had to post this to remind myself I can make things, otherwise I'd go to bed feeling inadequate after Miss Clara revelations!

I made this very tiny
(about an inch wide) pouch as a brooch to hold my bus fare on days when I don't want to carry a purse around and have no pockets. Or if I'm wearing my favourite 1950's coat which has pockets but I'm scared if I use them they'll go all baggy and get holes.


Anonymous said...

Hee, Rob was commenting on the loveliness of this little pouch just yesterday! It's pinned to the inside of my bag at the very top (I can't bear the thought of pinning it to the outside and having it possibly fall off somewhere!) and still has the shiny bit of shell in it.

Even though I've told him it's from you, he keeps forgetting (maybe because it matches the bag so well), but he was very, very impressed with your skill when I reminded him this latest time.

Anonymous said...

this is so lovely. it makes me think of a little bit of moss, found deep in a forest glen. I love it when practical things (bus fare) are so special.

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous, and such a brilliant idea !

Susan Mitchell said...

This is very sweet - it looks like it should belong to a little elf.

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