Tuesday, 14 March 2006


Having declared my love for tiny things you might imagine I wear a lot of tiny jwellery but, generally speaking, I don't 'do' jewellery. One reason is that I trained in jewellery and metalwork and that opened my eyes to some of the incredible design talent out there, but also out of my price range. It's hard to buy anything now because I have such a clear sense of what I want, and it's not the kind of stuff you can get cheap on the high street. Here are some examples. of my cavourite jewellers in Scotland at the moment.

Hannah Lamb

Hannah graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2000 and the Royal College of Art in 2004. Her website shows her gorgeous MA work which includes jewellery with birds on it. Hannah's work is available to buy from Papa Stour who's website is so so lovely I like to visit just to sooth my eyes. The have such nice product shots of Hannah's earings hanging from a lichen covered branch.

Grainne Morton

My absolute all time favourite jeweller is Grainne Morton who'
s stunning work is the reason I gave up making jewellery in the warly 90's. I was making small pieces that incorporated all my tiny finds, buttons, shells, fabric pieces, bits of text, rust, family photo's just about anything that caught my eye really. I constructed little boxes, drawers or hinged door cupboards for them from all sorts of materials from card to ceramics to glass, but rarely from metal as I was quite ill at the time and working on these from home (my college work in the studio was quite different).

Anyway, I remember seeing Grainne's Degree Show (or maybe her MA show?) in Edinburgh and being blown away. Her work was so much more beautiful and professional than anything I was vreating with mine that it seemed pointless for me to continue. She had reached the ideal of what that kind of work could be. All I could do was yearn for her pieces, and I still do.

The piece shown is my 2nd favourite (currently).
I was posting about my favourite piece on Friday when we had a power cut and I lost my work. But when the power came back on Saturday lo-and-behold, there it was on Whip Up! I want that piece more than anything else in the world. Ok, I want floors, walls, a boyfriend, kids, good health etc slightly more but not having them would be made a lot more bearable if I had that brooch to fixate on! Her prices and contact details are on her website so if you have the money you can own your own little piece of visual heaven.

Working in similar vein, but more masculine, is Jack Cunningham

April Neate

April makes tiny houses!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love those little houses! Something new to lust after. . .

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness you and I have very similar taste! I really wanted to get Grainne's stuff on 'mirror mirror' when we first started up but we a)thought it was a wee bit expensive (not for what it is, but for our clients) and b) she never returned our emails :(

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