Wednesday, 29 March 2006

The fate of a bunny

I've had a dilemma since getting my Lindt Bunny.
It was sunny when he arrived but when it turned cold and wet it was a case of "should I just eat the bunny, it keeps raining, I can't get any more photos, I should just eat him, he doesn't like being trapped inside on a shelf, I can help it fullfill his destiny" I am not one of these people that can resist chocolate once I know it's in the house. But I did, for 2
days of torrentail rain I resisted.

Finally, last night, when the rain showed no sign of stopping and the weather woman assured us all that there would be no sun today for bunny pictures outside, I cracked. He got cracked. His destiny was fullfilled. My tummy was full up.

You can guess I have awoken to the brightest lovely day. Cold and windy but sunny as anything, perfect for bunny
pictures. Gah. He had a good life on the outside though, and that's important, here are some of the nice things he saw on the way to the organic farm...

We even saw a carnival outside Ikea, how many bunnies can say they've seen an 8 foot high painting of Sean Connery's head, not many I'm guessing!

1 comment:

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

cally only you can create such fun for a bunny's adventure! lol!

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