Thursday, 2 March 2006

Floral ceramics

Karin Eriksson

Karin is my favourite maker of floral ceramics. Her work just oozes Scandinavian style, such pale ceramics with the most delicate and beautiful images of flowers, leaves, butterflies, often applied with the thinnest lines so that you are drawn up close to really appreciate their beauty. I particularly love her almost straight sided vessels and have a space on my bedside table that is yearning for a Karin tealight holder so I can fall asleep looking at something calming and pure. I feel peaceful just thinking about it. If you haven't seen Karin's Style Blog go now, it is as beautiful as her ceramics.

Agneta Spångberg

Although I'm usually more of a colour on white person I really like the vintage looking florals on her terracotta bowls. They look like something you'd find in the attic of an eccentric old relative who had great taste, and you'd be so thrilled to find them. I saw her ceramic tiles (I think they are tiles) in Skona Hem and had to find out more about her, I'm glad I did.

Hannah Tofalos

Hannah, who I believe is Norwegian, makes these great chintz stacking eggcups.
Her work was on show at 100%design in London this year and you can buy her eggcups from Mirror Mirror (they sell Karin's work too).
Mirror Mirror also has a blog which I enjoy reading since it reminds me that people with shops are just regular people and not SCARY people that I can't possibly ever presume to approach about my work. I have the same problem approaching galleries, that's partly why I stopped making things and got a day job... but I think I was going to the wrong galleries in the '90s, galleries nowadays are so much less snobby about 'craft' based art. In fact, they positively seem to love it, and quite right too.

Once again at Mirror Mirror

I love these stylised birds & flowers tea towels by Atelier LZC

Annemaree & Rose

This was a real treat for me, 2 of my favourite things - dresses and birds, being printed as GORGEOUS cards by Annemaree & Rose (link from loosetooth). Sadly the dress one isn't on their site but they have so many others you should definitely have a look. It's my birthday tomorrow - yey, but so sad that with no outlets in the UK I won't be receiving their birthday card with blue bird on it...

or this or this. When I figure how to post a wish / swap list I'll be putting those on it. I did get a beautiful card from my parents today... though I had to buy it for them to give me! I's a print of an etching in blue with a mermaid looking up through the water to the bottom of a rowing boat on the surface. Pictures soon.

But back to dresses, have I mentioned my obsession with dresses? I never wear them (well, not in public) but I collect them, mostly blue ones, mostly 50's and 60's but if the cut, colour or fabric are good I'll buy any at the right price (the right price being mucho cheapo). I will post pictures of them when they come out of hiding. They normally live on my walls as fabric art but as I have NO walls they are under a pink flowery sheet just now. They inspire my own creations such as my Paper Wardrobe range which I will post on my blog eventually. Lots of organising to do first.

I remember one of the nicest things a friend said (when he saw my dresses hanging on the walls & my matching aqua bike leaning below) was that my house looked like a female bat cave (as in Batman, not some cave full of stinky bat guana, although everything is painted white, even the stereo).

And to end on one really good bit of news, I finally got a broadband modem so in 10 days I'll be able to bog and read in a totally guilt free frenzy. Best birthday present a girl could give herself!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cally,

It's Paola from 'mirror mirror' here. Thank you so much for your really generous link and kind words.

Also wanted to say that I'm loving the blog - your photos are beautiful and you have some stunning things and a great eye.

I REALLY want to see what you make!

Anonymous said...

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