Monday, 27 March 2006


My button collection is still falling out of the teetering tower of tinyness and sprinkling it's way across the floor with 1000's of beads. They have no respect for the little colour coded tubs I painstakingly arranged them in over the years, it's almost as if the just don't care at all.

I wouldn't mind if they at least had the decency to colour coordinate so I could take an arty shot of the chaos. But no, buttons and beads, falling from a broken tower have other things to worry about and care little for their appearance so lets not shame them on the net.

Instead lets look at this gorgeous card of buttons owned by (and on the blog of) Rose Garden Romantic. It's the best button card illustration I've ever seen though I would love people to send me links for others if they have their own little lovelies to show and tell.

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