Friday 31 March 2006

Last day of March

Hard to believe that March is over already.
It's my first full month of blogging and I've somehow squeezed in 73 posts (that's cold weather and rain for you) and 181 people have looked at my profile, which is a bit of a shock and also very embarrassing since I rushed it when setting up my blog and it probably doesn't really reflect me very well. Updating it is on my must do list, but it's not very near the top.

Because I was posting so much recently I started doing weekly archives so that you wouldn't have to wait an age for the page to open, but today I'm going to have the whole of March up (hopefully) for the day. I'll try and remember to make it a regular monthly thing, a little review of all the work. As anyone who blogs knows, it is work, so it's nice to see it all together. I never imagined I'd do so much, all that photoshop-ing and scaling (free account so go to go easy on my megabytes) but it has been the most fulfilling and worthwhile thing to do, I absolutely love it.

Mr P says I have a 'blogging face' when I'm thinking about blogs, I think it's a kind of bursting with happiness sort of face as I think of things I've seen and contacts I've made, things I've sent and things I've received. It's such a place of generosity, this blogging world, and I am regularly overwhelmed by how much people care about each other, the little gestures, the open hearted blogs... the whole thing really.

I'd like to thank all of you who have visited, commented, inspired and contributed, and everyone who has allowed me to use their images and links to really fill out this space and make it something I can feel proud of. And if you could all just pop round to my house and help put some walls up, well that'd be just dandy. 0X

Here's a pic of a John Rocha wool throw, £80 from Debenhams...


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Feel exactly the same, blogging is just so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't do walls :)

If you've got a PC use Picasa ( rather than Photoshop for all but the most complicated photo editing.

And I for one am glad you're enjoying blogging so much.


When are you going to explain exactly who Mr P is?

Tracy said...

happy first full month! looking forward to reading many more posts!

lisa solomon said...

what a lovely post.... thank you for visiting my corner of the blog world... and for linking to it... and for commenting!!

i have really enjoyed finding you !! [those twig rings... :D]

here's to your next 73 posts! [and many more!]

Kristy said...

Just found you via Alicias site.I love your site and will add you to my bloglines :)

Anonymous said...

Blogging is addictive isn't it. I love the immediacy of it and how we form a circle of friends and kindred spirits. Your's is a favorite of mine. (Did you get my package yet?) Here's looking forward to April - CHEERS!

angela said...

hi cally...

oh loved just finding your little note.

aren't they lovely. as soon as i saw them, i knew these were the ones i was waiting for all along.

and of course. the answer is yes.

if you'd like the link to the lady with the babushkas, let me know. she has some other lovely ones in her ebay shop as well.

[and how did you guess... i'm avoiding taxes and bookkeeping today too. oh sigh.]

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