Wednesday 29 March 2006

More Nokia

Thank god for Paola at mirror mirror, she did what I forgot to do... went in search of the proper Nokia site for the L'amour phones I mentioned recently and she posted about them on her blog. I'm glad she did cause the site is nice, slow, but nice (even with broadband it was pretty slow to load).

But if you do visit it be sure to click on the bit that says 'design inspiration' the graphic illustrations GROW up the page.
And as you go deeper into the site there are constantly changing layers of illustration.

It's so ME I was nearly peeing my pants. You think I'm exagerating but I'm not, I have no running water just now, so no flushing toilet. If I get caught up in a blog or website too long I barely have time to run round to MrP's house to use his facilities (that's not why he's called Mr 'P'). This was more of an issue at the weekend when I ate too many dried friut bars and it wasn't pee I had to run for, luckily he was not using the bathroom when I arrived!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Over there in your country, do you have the Silver Nokia postcard size promo book? its got layers of the graphic design on diff. papers and not much sale schpeel...? If not I can try and find one and post. Its quite nice and clearly your obsessed in the phone.....!!

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