Saturday 4 March 2006

Snowy Birthday

I've had a lovely snowy, sunny, happy birthday.
I'm so tired now but feel the need to post some pics of the day and some of my lovely presents. I made sure my parents and Mr P would give me great stuff by getting it all myself in thrift shops (mostly) and informing them they would be giving them as gifts... cheeky I know, but cheaper for them than an expensive but unwanted gift that wouldn't last. If only I had discovered the craft blogs I could have been buying from all of you... but I LOVE my things so I can buy from you next time around. Here are some images from my day...

Snowy berries after 15 mins of snowfall.

Image I'll make prints from of MrP's cat venturing
through the 2inch snow to pee under the hedge.

Mozart chocolate ball from Austria, great wrapper.

Ok, are you sitting for this one, grab the smelling
salts... this bead is a beauty (I won't even mention
the price, scary!) It's an inch tall and hand painted
inside the glass with a single hair brush! I'll make a
necklace to wear to my friends wedding in Sept.
Obviously this was a proper shop buy, not thrifted.

Thrift shop necklace (only £1) on gorgeous saucer
one robust, one fragile - both adored. I got MrP to

give me these as he is adored too (best friend).

And here is the saucer with it's teacup on a linen

doily, I just love it all so much.

A different tiny teacup in the snow, love the handle
and the frilly bottom, yes... I have a 'thing' about
teacups as you will see when I post my artwork

Fabrics on amazing retro tray in snow with
teacups to stop it all blowing away in the icy wind.

Yellow fabric again, this time in the evening as a
table runner with tealights on the new pink saucers.
Also had tealights in the pink porcelain teacups but
I forgot to take a picture! They were so beautiful.

Also used new mint green leaf shaped saucer for a
tealight infront of a gorgeous printed card I bought
in Stockholm for Mr P to give me. It's actually made
in New York by ENID WILSON STUDIO, too tired to
look for a web page just now. Oh, musn't forget to
mention the tropical jelly (jello) my friend made, I
got to keep the solid glass 50's mould as my present,
I was thrilled that she chose so well... and the jelly
was even proper vegetarian kind that I could eat...
thank you Caz, you did great with that!

Wanted to get cosy while it's so cold outside so on
with candles and dimmed lights... note linen doily
over lamp to diffuse the light... poor MrP... but
he liked the lower light levels so no complaints

What a nice day it's been, so much visual goodness
it's great to have you folks to share it with.


Anonymous said...

Hap-py Birthday, one day late! I love all your goodies, and I can't believe there was actual snow that settled. I guess that's what living 'up north' will do!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! Love all the the little trinkety gifts, so much better to get a lot of little bits rather than one big thing. I love your teacups! Sadly Im a boring same cup eveyday, same tea at same time of day although my mug is one my mother bought me after I had my daughter so its hard to replace.
Looking forward to seeing your artwork with sister has actually registered the business name 'teacup' for her card designs, funny eh?

Feltbug said...

oh yes - teacups for sure - and teapots and tea cosies - always real tea in a china cup made in a pot with leaf tea !

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