Wednesday 22 March 2006

My home

I was being good, so good. I logged off and put on my gardening things to go and do some much avoided garden maintenance for a few hours while the sun was peeking through. I made a quick cup of ginger tea (fresh ginger and honey, good for the circulation) and by the time I stepped out it was ... snowing!

Well, what's a girl to do, the gods clearly want me to keep blogging today. But what to blog about, my eyes are too strained to trawl through my folders or the net for inspirational images to share. And then the sun shone through the window. Suddenly my house, which is a source of great frustration just now, was filled with light and I saw that there were nice bits, even in the chaos. Here are a few.

This first one which I rather like is my attempt to hide the fact that there is no ceiling in one half of the room. I love these old indian block print fabrics which I rescued from the dog's bed at my mum's house! They really remind me of being little when my mum had them on her bed - a more fitting place. I popped them up at christmas so that I could screen off that side of the room. The near side, if you look closely, has white Ikea curtains STAPLED to the ceiling to hide the insulation that is hanging out until I get the ceiling replaced. It's actually quite a nice effect, like living in an exotic tent, but sadly wihout the exotic temperatures. The fabric does not diguise the old stools, piles of wood, pallet truck etc.

This is a bowl of flowers I made for my Christmas tree, button flowers, I love them and can never bear to pack them away with everything else so they live in a trifle bowl the rest of the year. I just love white on white.

This is embarrassing, it's the cup and plate (Torde Boontje plate) that are still lying on the floor, unwashed, since the man came to adjust my pellet stove 2 weeks ago. In my defense I have no running water, and it looks so nice on the flokati rug. I adore my rug, it's totally mangy and worn out but it is filled with happy memories. I belonged to my Granny and was always in front of her fire, wherever she lived, and covered in various generations of dogs. I used to listen to an old yodelling record on that rug and spin around on it until I fell over in hysterical giggles. That never ceased to thrill me from age 3 to 7. Then I think she got rabbits and my attentions were diverted.


Anonymous said...

Cally, what a delightful post, your words are so poetic. I love the flowers, fabric hangings and tea cup. Tord is a favorite of mine too, although I don't own anything of his. I think he does such a great job of combining modern sensibilities with fairytale style... You like yoddeling too???

Anonymous said...

Oh I so love your things. If I had those flowers I'd keep them in the trifle bowl too. Such a simple idea but there's something about their purity that I really like.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

The fabics you hung look lovely! No one would ever guess they are there to hide something (or that you rescued them from a dog bed!). It gives a very dramatic, yet warm and cozy sort of feel. The teacup is beautiful and I really love the bowl full of button flowers! I enjoyed viewing your site! :)

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, I cannot keep up with you! These pictures are STUNNING. Is this a real house or a fairy tale???

susan said...

wow! what a beautiful blog you have. and i especially like your flowers. i'm crazy about white on white as well. did you stiffen white fabric before making the flowers or just let them be au naturel?
lovely lovely lovely!

Cally said...

Hi Susan,
Glad you like them, and enjoy the site. They are a mixture of fairly stiff linen and bits from fake flowers that I cannibalised, which I think did have starchyness.

Some have little discs of card behind the petals to stop them flopping and to make them sty in place when they are on my christmas tree so pretty).

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