Saturday, 18 March 2006

Lindt Bunnies

I planned to post a picture of a lovely big Lindt Bunny but I couldn't find my photo so I had a peek at and look, little bunnies that come with their own milk churn! Now I just have to hint to my nearest and dearest.


Anonymous said...

I am overwhelmed! Your comments on my blog tell me how in tune we are. Thank you
again, and I hope you will be rested enough today for your guests. I look
forward to future conversations. Have you seen the movie 'FairyTale a True
Story'? I forgot to add it to my list of favorites the other day. And these little bunnies do indeed look delicious and sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cally (my daughter's name is Callie!-- Callan) I found your blog through Ulla, and I am so excited to sit down this evening when the house is quiet and look all through it. It looks wonderful and your illustrations--GORGEOUS!
Glad to meet you via Ulla!


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Oh my sisters brought me here...and they always lead me to hte best places! I had a lovley sunday stroll though your blog...the light sems to pour out!

the shim family said...

Cally: Your blog is beautiful! There is a lot of great eye candy here. Thanks for visiting my site. I left you a little note, but just in case you didn't check back, I wanted to make sure you received the message. Check out this link for the Japanese quilting book.

The book just came out last week, so it will probably take awhile for it to pop up on ebay, etc. I hope this helps. Also, check out this site: for other books to covet! =)


Ooo... I love these... I wish we had these in Singapore. Too many eggs here, too little bunnies. :)

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