Wednesday 22 March 2006

Spencer Tunick

Sorry for rushing off and leaving a half written and almost link free blog yesterday. I don't watch much TV so if I'm hooked on a thing I really hate to miss it.

So to fill out the previous post, yes, it was a Spencer Tunick project with all the pale pink UK residents baring all in Newcastle and Gateshead in the North East of England. The exhibition (running until sunday) was at the Baltic Mill in Gateshead. I've not been in the best of health so I never managed the trip down to see it, but apparently it doesn't matter since the news on TV the other day was that the local Police have been selling close-ups taken on CCTV in the local pubs! As long as they don't sell to my granny, lucky for me she lives elsewhere and doesn't go to pubs.

The photo I posted was one of several poses we did that morning and has us in front of the SAGE building which I really loved, I'd never even heard of it before. Here is a photo of the undulating roof, I took about 40!

The Alnwick Castle Treehouse website is here. I'm trying to persuade someone to hire it for a wedding, any takers? I bet it costs a fortune because when I asked they wouldn't even tell me on the spot, they said I had to phone. It would be a fantastic venue as it has a restaurant inside it (wi
th log fire). In the summer the gardens are stunning with formal and informal areas, lots of scented roses, a beautiful area of flowers at the top (stayed there about 2 hours) and the serpent garden shown her (I think that was it's name).

There is also the impressive cascade waterfall and several fun and stylish water features. The day we were there turned out to have record temperatures so the water sculptures were full of children (and me!) trying to cool down and just having a LOT of fun!

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