Saturday, 11 March 2006

I love Tiny things

Having spent a few days gathering together some small things as a gift for someone I realised I haven't posted on my love for small things. It's not that I don't like big things, I used to make big copper sculptures inspired by seed pods and sea things so I really like big stuff. But since I moved house with a view to eventually having a studio at home, I've had to part with so many treasured things just to have room to move. And there's the joy of smallness, the tinier the item the more likely it is that I can find a place for it.

All my own small and tiny things are packed away while I renovate the house so to get my fix I've picked out some tiny things that other people have made, they are not the tiniest by any means, but they are the smallish and I have their URL's for links without having to make any effort. I'm so sleepy.

I saw these bird pins on the Pretty Good Things site the other week and (as I so often do) thought of Alicia as they look like they would be right at home living in one of her cagelets when not being worn on the body.

Rosie and Sadie have the sweetest little felt pin with 2 birds on a branch. They also have many others with cupcakes, birds, animals and even teeny tiny mittens on them.

If you like small things with BIG colour look at these and other amazing crochet pieces by Vera João and this Flickr set by Oficinad d'Encantar is not as small but just as colourful.

Sore eyes mean I have to stop here, but there were so many more small or tiny things. They will just have to wait for another day.

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