Thursday 25 January 2007


This peg was holding protective fleece around a tomato plant, but the wind took care of that. Still, it has a quality I like so it'll stay put. I've decided not to grow tomatoes this year, a bit of a shocker! But the guilt of them dying if you leave home for a bit is too much. I will hold back until my life is more organised again. But I do have something I'd like to try in the ground...

Over the few years I've been training my palette to enjoy foods which I previously disliked but which I wanted to like. I've had great success with feta and similar sheep/goats cheeses so that I can have a slight cheesy treat in summer salads. Astounding happiness has at last come from the enjoyment of olives which I deeply wanted to love and now do.

Next on my horizon is betroot, I was talking about this last summer but was so busy I never made time to grow any, but maybe this year? I mean, they are just so beautiful and I love colour for drawing and dying things, but have never liked the taste. Well I plan to change that.

I was talking with L about it last week (we were teaching Marley that barking will not get attention, only make us talk more and look at him less, it worked well). It seems like food fate that I just clicked for the first time on a link to brilliant foody blog Delicious Days. The 1st post I saw... beetroot! And not just beetroot but betroot for begginers "The beetroot’s earthy flavor makes a fantastic combination with the apples, probably the best way to convince other beetroot haters of its delicious qualities."

It was a delight to read such a well written version of my own bad beetroot memories and always a bonus when a food blog has such enticing photographs like this one. I do encourage you to visit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cally,
I saw your post on de-lurking week a while ago, and thought that I should say hi (although the week has passed, I think). You're on my Bloglines feed for months now, and I love reading your entries.
So, hi! :)

Anonymous said...

yes i'm not a big beet eater! But I do like small fresh beetroots that are roasted. peel, wrap in alfoil with some garlic, butter, balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs. yum!

Cally said...

Hi Amy,
happy to get your hi, and have just been to your lovely site, the design of it is so nice and I really liked what you said about yourself/making on the 'about' section. I'll be reading more soon, thank you.

Tiel s-k
So glad you dropped by again cause it meant I popped ver and saw your fab red cards on tsktsk. Thay are so cheering on what is, here a very very cold day.

Cally said...

Teil s-k
Forgot to say thanks for the recipe!

Anonymous said...

Try raw beets grated in salads, they're not as strong tasting that way. Juicing beets with carrots, ginger and apples is also a good way to get used to the taste. Unfortunately lots of people have been put off beets by only having them pickled in strong vinegar but I've converted people to beets by feeding them juice. Innocent currently have a bottled smoothie of beets, ginger and pears. You could try that to see if you like the taste. Beets also go very well with goat cheese.

Cally said...

Fab suggestion, especially as carrot apple and ginger is my ALL TIME favourite juice recipe. I will definitely be trying that one out, and no doubt posting pics on the blog, so thank you.

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