Tuesday 30 January 2007

Camilla Halvorsen

Look what Imelda found. Great candle holder by Camilla Halvorsen from Oslo.


Anonymous said...

That is cool. What is it made of? I first found your blog because I googled tablesettings and was led to your divali table, which was awesome. I am always interested in table stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

so pretty! love your cloud photo too.
aren't clouds the best?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cally,

Had no idea you were dealing with so many things. I'm really sorry to hear about your employment issues, and hope that you will be able to find a solution that's right for you soon.


Cally said...

Such sweet girls to comment like that, it really cheers me up to get comments from lovely creative people, nice people, non-mean people. Where I work has a lot of good folk, but some appaulling management, like many big organisations.

I think the table setting is acrylic, but if you check her website I'm sure it will have definite details, and more table setting you may like :0)

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