Wednesday 24 January 2007

Lisa Solomon


These are the wonderful paint chip embroidery works from one of my absolute favourite bloggers, the delightful Lisa Solomon.
Blogger won't import these full size but they are too beautiful to be stretched and fuzzy. You can see them clearly (please do) plus more of her paint chips over at The Beholder. And if you don't know Lisa already Design Sponge has a good up to date mini-interview with her here.

Lisa has been a huge inspiration to me by sharing so much of herself, her work, her thoughts and feelings on her blog and I was really saddened that it may be gone forever but I saw yesterday that there is a post there, tentative steps, I am so happy. It's a big thing to open yourself up to the world when you blog, it can be a very vulnerable place. Lisa has her reasons to pull back from her blog but I hope that the support of the blogging community that loves her and that she has given so much to, will, in turn, help her to feel ok about sharing more of herself with us again. Like I say, tentative steps, she's still there, even though we can't see her past posts just now.

Lisa, thank you so much for your generosity in letting me post these two paint chips, are truly beautiful. And I wish you all the best as you prepare for TWO exhibitions (what a gal!). I'm glad we can stay in touch and meeting someone like you is what has made all the scary-ness off blogging worthwhile.

As Lisa knows, I do so love blue and orange but I wasn't quite quick enough to pair this post up with my post last week. I remembered that last year I posted these images as part of what made me want to use blue and orange as the probable colour combo for my kitchen (with the rest of the house being almond white).


Anonymous said...

cally, you are making me teary eyed.

thank you for sharing your kind thoughts....

blue and orange... oh yes. big sigh!

Anonymous said...


I love your blog! Yay, for Lisa!

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