Wednesday 31 January 2007

Red things

Cute kitty! This is Mo, one of my little 'charges' as they used to say. He's still a kitten and very full of beans. Also pictured a red door that I saw when out with Daphne and the tail light of that VW I saw last week.

Had Marley at vet for final injection today. He was SO well behaved. We've only done his training for 5 days and already the difference is amazing. The receptionist was very impressed, but the patronising vet just couldn't be nice about it and said "he seems to be under control, for now". Pah. He's just jealous cause his tip to copntrol him was to stand on the lead so he couldn't move, whereas we want him to stay calm without having to restrain him. We win.


kayla said...

Glad to hear things are going well with the dog. After 3 years, we still struggle with our energetic pup! I just read your post about dreaming in Turkish. I love to talk with my (international) students about how their English is perfect in their dreams. What an interesting phenomenon.

roachz said...

Man, I love Mo already!!!!!

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