Wednesday 10 January 2007

Miss Amazing

Thanks to everyone who's sent good wishes for Ms P and for her recovery. If you'd like a to know about a bit about what she's been through she's written a brief and moving post here describing the development of her illness and what it was like to adapt to it at school.

The piece is only about her Crohn's Disease, not her severe allergies or any of the many other health problems she so amazingly deals with. I wish you could all meet her, I am permananetly inspired by her abilty to remain positive. I think many people in her position would just feel really bitter and angry but she is so determined to make the most of everything and to really live life to the full. Even the weekend before her surgery she was on stage acting in a Pantomime despite being in a lot of pain and having very little energy. Yet when you see her acting, you'd never know because she fills the role with such enthusiasm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cally,
Checked last night and the name of the author of 'The Dog Listener' is Jan Fennell. Good luck with getting it from the library. My copy is paperback so it is not too expensive to buy new either. Not sure about blog reply etiquette as this is related to your previous post but I though you'd be more likely to see it here. All good wishes to Ms. P, she has had and is having a difficult time of it, I really hope she is on the mend now.
Hope the gales aren't to bad up in Scotland - it has certainly been a rough morning here in East Anglia!

Cally said...

Hi Sheila,
Thanks so much for your help on that book, I've tracked down someone who can lend me a copy so I should have it next week. Really loooking forward to reading it, if Marley gives me the quiet to concentrate.

Wind up here is pretty bad, we are beside the Pentland Hills above Edinburgh so it really whips round. Actually, I think that may be partly why Marley is so unsettled, first the move and then being in a mobile home in big windy gales. But he's still the best.

Re where to reply, you were right, I was more likely to read it on this post, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi my beautiful big sis, THANK YOU always for the gorgeous things you say about me. You know, they really are lovely words, but i honestly don't think I am worthy of such loveliness. I am just little me, trying my life as best I can. But I am truly touched that you can think such lovely amazing things about me and thank you right from the heart. You mean such a lot to me too Cally Bally Bee, and always will and I think YOU are Miss Amazing. But THANK YOU so much anyway for all your beautiful comments. With my love forever, your little Miss P xx

Anonymous said...

Oh and forgot to say, a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who have left lovely good wishes for my recovery on Cally's site. She told me about them as she thought it might help me to keep my spirits up, and it really has helped. Even though I don't know any of you, it's still really nice to be thought of. It reminds me of my previous surgeries when there were a load of buddhist people chanting for me, and at the same time the christian people were praying for me, and half of them I had never met. But it was a lovely feeling to think that they were still rooting for me. I have since met some of them and have been able to thank them in person. I know it's probably not going to be possible for me to meet any of you, but THANK YOU all the same for your kind thoughts and words. A happy and healthy new year to you all, with love Miss P xx

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