Friday 19 January 2007

V&V gift love

I was most surprised and excited to get yet another package in the post from the kindest soul Christine over at Vegas and Venice. I hadn't actually seen her most recent post, otherwise I would have been envious of the lucky friend who was to receive this compilation CD in it's GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS fabric wrap.

I wouldn't have had any clue it was ME that would be getting it. I wouldn't have known that the music was Regina Spektor who I had only discovered through blogs and posted about here a while back. I've never had time to go to the music library to hunt out the album they had, so I was thrilled beyond words (well, except that there were many words, all in high pitch) to get this! I will definitely be aquiring more and spreading the word on her great sound.

I was even more thrilled by some of the extras on the comp, like Jose Gonzalez who I felt sure I would maybe get for Christmas but didn't. And Fiona Apple who I have never heard of which astounds me because she is SO up my street musically that I hurt my knees bouncing on them on the hard floor when I heard her (CD played on bottom shelf at MrP's house). I will definitely be requesting her for my birthday, I could listen to that voice and instrumentation FOREVER.

And most lovely of all this was her gorgeous letter. It made me laugh and it made me cry (in a good way). Hard to believe I've had two such moving letters in one week (got one from Miss P also with that certificate). I do so love paper mail. I will ask Christine's permission to post a few snippets that were so cute about where she was writing from and what she was wearing... nothing naughty I assure you.

But then equally lovely was the stitched wrapping/case for the TURQUOISE CD. I love a good red and turquoise combo, but I also love turquoise with orange as you may remember from this post. So this fab fabric with it's turquoise button was pressing all MY buttons! Sweetest of all, it was her first go at sewing with her machine. She apologised for any flaws. Flaws? What flaws???? It is utter perfection, visually, technically, creatively.

I enthuse as Christine has been so kind in so many ways, and yet, still, my package for her sits in an envelope somewhere in my house. I am a bad friend with good intentions. I can only apologise profusely and assure you, sweet Christine, that it will reach you one day. Likewise Miss P, I will buy your arsenic soon (don't worry folks, it's actually arnica, but we like the name mix up).

Thank you thank you THANK YOU you lovely women for sending me so such personal and wonderful postal love.

Eek, I must must go, Marley has been at the vet all day, like it or not, he returns with slightly less of himself than he left with. L hopes it will reduce his aggression towards her as well as preventing unwanted puppies. She's small and quietly spoken but last night we sat together and really made some headway into him realising that she is top dog, not him. He's been very good since then. Not sure how he'll be feeling now though, poor wee soul.

Ack, work beckons too, so maybe short posts, less contact, more sleep etc. Happy weekend my lovelies one and all.

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Anonymous said...

The CD looks awesome! I'd love to come home to a nice present like that, and the fabric wrapping is perfect! Awesome in every way.

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