Tuesday 16 January 2007

Looking after myself

Starting the day with half a pot of detox tea to cleanse after some naughtiness last week. I couldn't help it, the knockdown prices on some very posh mince pies and things were too good to resist. And I experienced Sainsbury's Cognac Extra Thick Double Cream which I have to say is one of THE most delicious and decadent things I have ever tasted. All thoughts of allergies went out the window as I gorged straight from the tub, didn't even add it to anything. Deeee-licious.

And see my new tea pot! A Christmas present from Kate which comes with it's own slinky silvery cover lined with felt (i think) to keep it all cosy. It doesn't just look sleek, it pours sleek too, very important. Thanks again Kate I'm really enjoying it.

More healthy nibbles. Today was one of those crisp winter days when it's very crisp and cold but the sun is bright. Celery and hummous seemed to fit the bill for nibbling in place of bad holiday chocs. Yummy.

And a dog walk, he liked the sheep, wasn't too bothered about the pigs but LOVED the llamas. Yes, llamas, they keep them 5 mins walk from my house. I think it's so great but let me till you, standing down wind from them is no delight, those big boys (or girls) really make a whiff. Or maybe it's all the goats that live with them. Either way, all very nasally interesting for a dog who came from the city.


Anonymous said...

that's a lovely teapot! I can't say I had your reserve today, as I had half a bag of mini kisses just moments ago. :)

angela said...

oh the sweetness of that teapot. and the sweetness of the pup. and the goodness and the sweetness of simply looking after the self.

happy new year to you too my dear. hope she promises nothing but goodness to you!



Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Thank you for your wishes for the New Year, may you have a brilliant one as well, especailly with your new friend!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of that teapot. It has an air of cleanness (not sure it's spelt like that?) and healthiness about it, but without being boring. And I know you love white things. Also, I am SO glad that you are having such a lot of fun with Marley. I know that I don't like dogs (for reasons you know about) but I can still appreciate what he means to you and it really does make me happy to see you happy. I reckon he is probably a lot of fun (as well as hard work) and that you are getting LOADS of fresh air. Yippee. Love you big sis xx

Cally said...

Yey Ruthy, super exciting to have you here in my comments! Thanks for this and the next one and any others on older posts that I may not know about coz my email doesn't alert me about them anymore. Your the best li'l sis ever! xxx

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