Monday 29 January 2007

Silver Lining

First up, Kate, sorry, I dropped my moby and broke it! Simm is in another phone but it's so old and crap I can't text on it, but glad you got my Happy Anniversary email, and your celebration sounded wonderful!

Ok, now to the gritty stuff. I had 'the meeting' today. It was less bad than I expected in that it involved everyone that works the same shift as me, so it felt less personal when I was told I'd be out of a job as of 26th Feb. I guess I won't be having a fancy dress party for Chinese New Year after all, although things have been so hectic I may not have done it in the end anyway.


The up-side is that legally they have to make us redundant so there will be some sort of financial buffer, but I am scared. I already live on less money that most people would think possible. My health makes it really hard for me to get any sort of normal job anymore. I could handle it for a short time but the energy needed to sustain it would run out very quickly and the old problems would rear their ugly heads again so, long term, it would be very bad news. I need to find something that is a bit physical, stress free, part time and most importantly flexible to fit my unusual hours. And hey, creative would be good too, though nothing with deadlines as I'd just stress myself sick.

I had a fantasy about making stuff for mirrormirror but the whole self employment thing is so problematic (did it for 6 years) and Mr Tax Man never believes I'm living on as little as I amApart from anything else I have taken on Marley based on being available to look after him when L is at work.

But... despite having PMS just now I am still able to see a silver lining, I don't need to worry about getting the day off on my birthday the weekend after, yipeee! If the weather was dry I could go to the beach, I'd love that, not been this year yet and it'd be great for Marley. I can't wait to see him on the beach, he'll match the sand.

Expect to see a lot of posts in bursts, I like to blog to distract my mind from money worries. And talking of distraction Kirsty had this great cartoon here on her blog about avoiding doing your tax return.


Anonymous said...

So sad to hear about your job situation, but it sounds like it was a group lay-off, so you are not singled out. Things happen for a reason though, right? Maybe it is because your ideal dream job is ready for you now... and now you are open and free to find it. Lots of luck to you, and I hope you post often... hey at least blogging is free!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the job, hope you find something soon. If I hear of anything I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am in a transitional period, financially speaking, and I sympathize with your situation. I wish you the best of luck finding something suitable, and I congratulate you for escaping, even briefly, the annoyance you were experiencing at work. You have so much to offer, anyone would be crazy not to hire you, but try not to get crazy yourself with worry.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your job Cally, though as Beth said, a least it wasn't you being singled out but a whole goup of you on the same shift. Still that doesn't help the money situation. Maybe there will be more part-time job opportunities with the Spring and the holiday season coming along? I'm pleased Marley is dong well with his training, i hope he has bounced back from his little snip now. He will like having you around more anyway - and yes, def. go for the beach on your birthday the sea is great at stressful times. I am sad at the moment as one of my little dogs died in the early morning of Saturday. She was 16 years and 1 month old and had been born under our kitchen table.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry-- job stress sucks.

Would I be a total ass if I shared and idea that crossed my mind as I read the requirements of what you want?

i don't know where you live-- but dog walkers and dog minders can charge great hourly rates around here-- and I wondered if that would be of interest?

Sorry if I'm an annoyance.


Cally said...

Thank you all for cheering me with your comments. I feel really ok about it, which is a nice surprise. My main problem now is fending of inappropriate though well intentioned job ideas but...

BLUEPOPPY yours is a good one which I have often considered in the past. Unfortunately my health kind of buggers it up a bit just now. And the fear of something happening to someone's dog while in my care. But if I get my energies back I'd be quite keen on it.

I've actually had to come clean to some of my friends about my health. I'm very good at hiding the degree it affects me. I can sustain bursts of convincing energy around folk for a short time, enough to make them think all is well, but I can't do it enough to keep a job unless the bosses were unbelievably understanding.

But not to worry, I'm getting no bad vibes about all this so I think it will turn out ok. Thanks for the support of all your comments folks.

Anonymous said...

sigh.... you are so brave to look for the silver lining!

all i can think of is the cliche.... door closes - window opens. look for the window. it will be there.... and who knows - maybe the best and coolest job is right around the corner! [fingers crossed! - or maybe you are supposed to go back to the studio? ;)]

Cally said...

*smile* I'm very much in the window looking frame of mind.

Ruth Singer said...

I'm very glad the silver lining is poking out of the cloud for you. I hope it turns into a lovely warm silver cloak and all works out just right for you.

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