Wednesday, 3 January 2007

The Red Shoes

I've been up all night with cramp so I just had to post something RED.

Did I say I was spending Christmas with Ms P?

I realise I've been neglecting my blogging, things have been pretty full on and I only have dial up access to the internet just now. Since her surgery stopped her coming here for Christmas, MrP and I went to MsP's home in England instead. It was really great, especially as they let her come home from hospital on Christmas Eve, though by all accounts she had to do some major persuading to get that. She is very persuasive, yey.

Of course, it was not all plain sailing, she's got an open wound like a special effect from a movie, and she's had several complications, but in spite of that she was a complete star for the whole of our visit. One in a million. I honestly don't know how she does it, except that she is oozing positivity like no-one I've ever met before. One of the things about meeting her, though, is that I want to talk about her all the time, but it's her life, and I wouldn't want to be publishing it just cause it means a lot to me.

So I guess I'm saying that knowing her is one of the biggest things in my life now, and takes priority over blogging. Not that I'll stop blogging, but just that when my mind is particularly occupied with worries or cares about her then maybe I won't be doing so many posts.

So what are the red shoes about? Well they are my Christmas present from her, I saw them in the Shelter (charity) shop for £4.50 and had to have them, but they seemed like something that would be nice to get from her. I don't do heels, but liked these and had got them in the hope that surely one day one of my gay friends will have a Wizard of Oz fancy dress party and I could at least wear them for the photo shoot. Not that I got to wear them on xmas day, she loved them herself and popped them on to try, then fell asleep in them. So cute cause I have big feet and she has little feet so they were huge on her. The best bit of all was seeing her finally get a few hours sleep, she'd had virtually none in hospital.

Finally, apologies to anyone trying to email me, I'm not actually at home yet, just posting this from a friends laptop. The power went down on two thirds of my house last week and with my health a bit bad just now (nothing to worry about though) I've just stayed away rather than get stressed by something I can't fix right now. Imean hey, it's the holidays right, no sense worrying.

I had hoped to be able to work from MrP's place, but TalkTalk have really messed him about re. his supposed new broadband connection, so no joy on that front just yet. When it's working I can finally get some proper holiday pictures posted here. Till then, happy January.

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