Thursday 25 January 2007

Fiona Apple

Although it doesn't have 'Extraordinary Machine' (which Christine sent me and which I utterly utterly love and listen to constantly) I did find this link to some other (very different sounding) Fiona Apple videos. They don't have that old 50's Doris Day meets Judy Garland sound that I love so much about 'Extraordinary Machine', but her voice is still beautiful and I liked it especially in 'Never Is A Promise'.

If you live in the US then I think you can also access her videos here, inc the EM track in case you haven't heard it (it's so Doris and Judy but the instrumentation is even cheekier), sadly it says it won't play outside the States - boo hoo. She also has her own site here but again, EM doesn't seem to be on it.

Through searching her on Amazon I also found Nellie MacKay who I've not heard before. I'm not entirely sure if I liked her or not, but I got a strong feeling I'd love her album if she sang it in French! How odd, but I think a lot of it would work in French, it has that slightly skippy bounce that a lot of French music has, a little Euro Pop but not in a bad way (and lets face it, a lot of that really is bad). Do you know what I mean?

So my plea to you all is to enlighten me about new female artists singing in a 50's style. I really can't get enough of that kind of thing and totally thrive on the original smokey or perky songs of Peggy Lee, Julie London, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Dinah Shore etc. Hard to choose a favourite but 'Black Coffee' by Peggy Lee would definitely be in the top 5 for me, her voice is so coffee-ish in that one, it just pours out thick and intense and s-l-o-w.


Anonymous said...

Oh miss! I left a couple comments and they both dissapeared (which was happening a lot that day)!! Here goes again, I have all 3 of Fiona's cds and Jose Gonzalez too so expect a few more "mixed" cd's in the mail!

Also you can post any little thing that you like from my letter!

I am going to keep this comment a bit short cause I am not sure it will go through! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard The Lascivious Biddies, they have quite a 50's sound.

Cally said...

OOh exciting prospects but you should refuse to post another thing to you've received your book, at least, from me!
I had probs with lost comments too. Sorry about that.

I'll look that up, have never heard of them. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Some of Regina Spektor's music has that quality.

Cally said...

Dan B
Thanks for the link, if my Gay friends EVER get round to having hte WofOz fancydress that I hound them about (so I can wear my red shoes) I will have a great resourse at my fingertips!

What's the B? I know a D.Barlow and a D.Brown, and one other who's B i have forgotten.

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