Tuesday 9 January 2007

Shimara Carlow

Been meaning to blog this bangle by Shimara Carlow who had work at Origin last year.

On the doggy side of things today was exhausting as I couldn't go to bed after work. He was pretty well behaved on the whole and seemed to react ok to being left in his house alone for an hour at a time. I reckon he's used to his previous owners going out to work.

He does have some very boisterous moments where he's jumping and trying to 'mouth' limbs (trying to do other things to limbs too but lets not get into that!). As a result my easily bruised legs looks a bit like a toddlers painting if you left them with just blue, black and brown paint.

His claws aren't particularly long or sharp but he has managed to scratch all down my legs even though I was wearing my thickest trousers. Hmmm, it's not that he's being aggressive, just that he is very muscley and weighty so his movements have more impact. A long soak in the bath is in order.


Anonymous said...

hey! first of all a very nice 2007! and then: thank you for your nice blog! i check it almost every day
a hug from argentina

Cally said...

Oh thank you!
I'm always amazed to discover new people who are reading regularly, I only ever think there are maybe 5 people who look at my blog, but clearly there are 6!

I'll have to check your site too. Happy New Year.

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