Wednesday 10 January 2007

Doggy softness

Marley's golden syrup ears are so SOFT. And he has the most delicate ginger eyelashes.

Things were going pretty well with his training until a pushy know-it-all neighbour butted in when Marley was with his proper owner (who I'll call L). She started trying to tell L he must be trained her way (old fashioned bullying way) and then grabbed at him to illustrate. He was freaked by this and started to strain and his collar came off. L was in a panic cause by now he was barking and straining and she had to hold him by the scruff of the neck and try to get him indoors away from pushy dog lady.

Unfortunately pushy dog lady wouldn't let it lie and came harassing at the door with info about her dog trainer and being really aggressive about it, which set him on a barking frenzy. Now he has become a barker when he hears sounds outside the house. It's SO frustrating cause it wasn't an issue before and now I''m having to put hours and hours of extra work in to make sure it doesn't become a set habit. If it did it would drive neighbours crazy as mobile homes are not that sound proof.

I have grabbed a moment to just quickly write this while he is chewing on his toy. It is THE best toy I have ever seen for a dog that likes to chew, I'll need to post a photo of it so everyone can get one. Not that it is indestructable, he's a good chewer, but it will last better than most and gives a lot of satisfaction.

I hope you are all doing well out there in blog land, esp. Miss P who I am missing enormously now that I'm home again. She's doing pretty well with her wound causing less problems than before. It will take a long time though and she's desparate to start dancing again. I wish I could speed things along for her. Love you Miss P.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cally,
I have just read a book called 'The Dog Listener' (can't remember the author's name but I will check when I get home tonight and let you know. It is by a woman who was inspired by the principles and methods used by horse whisperers (remember the Robert Redford film?) and is a very interesting and insightful read. You might find some helpful ideas for Marley. Her method has no place for shouting or physical restraint and I would certainly put it into practice myself. I have two doggies - both little crossbreeds - one is now an old lady of 16 and the other a whippet cross springer who is 5!!
I very much enjoy your blog - I discovered it recently via a mention on Alicia's 'Posy gets Cosy site'
Happy Wednesday

Cally said...

Thanks for the tip Sheila, I think I heard it reveived recently, but had no idea I'd be doing the dog thing so I'd forgotten about it. I'll see if the labrary can get it in for me. I love the whole 'whisperer' thing.

So glad you are enjoying my blog, I'll need to navigate my way to you when Marley calms down and I have more time.

Anonymous said...


marley is adorable [i think he has hound in him??]

so sorry to hear about the aggressive dog trainer neighbor.... you guys need to do what it right for you and the dog... sigh... i'm sure you'll do fabulously as you sound SO dedicated!!

Justin said...

Marley is a cute doggy. What about entering his name in the Dog Of The Week Contest! its just a small way to show our love n care to them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am missing you too SO MUCH wonderful sis. More than you can probably imagine. I feel kinda lost without you, and you and Mr P had such a way of making me feel all peaceful and calm and relaxed (all of which I don't feel very often) and it was such an amazing feeling to be like that. But even though you aren't actually here in body with me, if I close my eyes and concentrate I can imagine you with me, and that makes me feel lovely and warm inside and peaceful. Big love for you Cally Bally Bee Bee, love me xx

Cally said...

Hee hee, I'm s scrolling and keep finding comments from you everywhere today. We miss you loads as well and so much wish we lived a bit closer so we could visit more often. Christmas with you was so special and I'm glad if you can imagine us there with you, cause in spirit we always are.

Cally said...

I thought he looked quite hound-y too, but the the vet and a potential nice trainer have both said they think he has collie in him, hence the need for constant entertainment. Ironic, since when we were choosing I'd said 'no collies' cause they are so energetic.

Thanks for leaving a comment, I'll take a look at that site you mentioned.

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