Saturday 27 January 2007

Donna Hay magazine

I bought a tiny organic violet turnip because I liked it's subtle colours.

This morning my Living Etc. arrived with a little Donna Hay magazine supplement inside. I knew Living Etc. carried recipes by Donna Hay but had no idea that in Australia there was an entire magazine. It is described as 'the world's most beautiful food magazine' and I'd have to agree if the
supplement is an accurate reflection, the photographs were absolutely beautiful. And the recipes sound delicious and simple.

If I didn't already receive Living Etc. I'd buy it for the Donna Hay. Go, Buy! And if you really have cash to splash you can subscribe to the full Donna Hay magazine here.

By happy coincidence, some of the shots match my turnip so here are a couple, excuse picture quality, I was in bed with bad light and I'd crumpled the pages a bit. The real thing is focussed and flawless.


Anonymous said...

You can buy the Donna Hay magazine in Borders in the UK, I've always been tempted but never gone for it...yet!

Cally said...

I'll have a look, only a look, next time I'm in Borders books cause they have such a good selection of beautiful foreign mags.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the supplement. It was a real treat for me to work on it too. Donna really is a genius when it comes making food look almost too delicious to eat. Thanks for the great feedback.
Carmel (dep ed on Livingetc)

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