Thursday 18 January 2007

Cold day

Proper snow, but where have the Pentland Hills gone?
Even Marley can't see them, though with his doggy senses he knows thay are there.

Poor L is having a tough time with him just now, he's been barking late at night and waking up at 4-5am so I'm going to do some extra walking shifts in the evenings so she can get time for sanity until we get the Barkbuster lady to the house (hopefully in a week). She's a behavioural dog person as well as traditional training, though I do think it's more about training us than the dog. It's ok for me cause I'm naturally quite dominant with dogs but L is a smaller quieter woman and he's really challenging her status as top dog.

I'm determined to be organised today, I've really let things slip recently and haven't even packed away the holiday deco's, they are strewn across the table and every available bookshelf. It must be done, small child visiting on Saturday - eek, hide the small objects!

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