Thursday 18 January 2007

Officially sisters

This reminds me of Miss P, 2 of her water bottles from her August visit, next to my blue one that I use at work.

I think I've mentioned before that Miss P and I have adopted each other as sisters (neither of us having any of our own). I got the sweetest confirmation of this in the post the other day along with an absolutely lovely letter and card which moved me to tears. Thank you so much Miss P!

Sorry about the picture quality, Blogger is doing that weird thing where, even though I do all my pics exactly the same size, same pixels, same settings, it scales them down, and I have to stretch it to make it fit, which looks yukky. I've blurred Miss P's full name cause she's private like me. See how she used my favourite colour combo, red and turquoise...

PS. I have fixed the link to Miss P on my links section so feel free to drop by and say Hi to her, she's at home all the time just now during her slow recovery and would love some visitors on her new blog.

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