Thursday 4 January 2007


Deco and reflection in Ikea

I've had my first tag of 2007 from strwberrydelight inviting me to share secrets. As you know, I mostly am fairly private about my actual real life but in the spirit of giving, and to make up for not being able to send cards and things this christmas here you are.

5 Secrets for the Land of Blog...

1. I come over Miss Eco Green Organic but when I was going to Kate's wedding in Sweden I felt self concious about my darker blonde winter hair so I used Sun In with a hairdryer to make my 'roots' closer to my summer sun lightened longer bits.

2. I can't remember 6 months of my teenage life, at all. It was when I was living with my crazy Aunt. She was pretty psychotic and had tried to kill me, then she sent my dog away. I got very low then and don't remember anything until I went to visit my parents in LA. I didn't want to come back but my brother was so horrible to me that I did - it's harder to be hurt by someone you love (him) than someone you hate (her).

3. When I was at college I had ME (Chronic Fatigue). I was often too tired to get to and from college so I used to hide from the security gaurds and get locked in overnight so I could work late and then sleep through the day. I've always been more of a night person, creatively speaking.

4. When we were kids my brother and I used to sneak out at night. We just loved walking around our town at 3am when no-one was about. But one time the Police saw us and chased us (we were under 10yrs old). The Police station was beside the bridge that we needed to cross to get home, so I had to put him on my back and wade through the river, up to my waist, to get home. Scary but FUN!

5. When I was older, about 14, I used to sneak out and play on the roof of our High School. Gosh, I sound like such a trouble maker! But it was all very innocent, we liked to rollerskate over the 4ft bumps on the roof. We never damaged anything, or bothered anyone.

Goodness, I hope I don't regret mentioning any of that.

If they would like to join in then I would tag Anna at twelve22 and Christine at Vegas and Venice since I'd love to know some of their secrets :0) But Christine, have you a new home yet? I've no access to my email so I can't contact you, but I hope it's all working out OK. Anna on the other hand is already in her new home, and it's super lovely. If you'd like to see it she has some shots on her blog that have cheered me up recently.

sorry guys I just re-read this one week on, it's a bit heavy isn't it, I'll do a lighter one next month for you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, Cally. You certainly have been through the mill, both in your childhood and in the last few months with Ms P. I'm so pleased to hear you have some joy in your days now in the shape of a furry friend.
Congratulations and happy mud-larking!!

Cally said...

Thanks Strwberrydelight, I just re-read, it's a little gloomy, I think I was over-tired that week. Marley keeping my spirits up now, though he's not easy he's worth it.

LittleDoodles said...

I'm in my final year of uni and have ME but I think I'm the opposite...I have energy in the morning so it seems like I'm always the first one there!

Feltbug said...

I used to sneak into college really early when the cleaners were still there so that i could work without interruption from tutors or students ! Now I love to work at night when the rest of the neighbourhood is asleep - its a magical time !

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