Monday 22 January 2007

Liv Tyler Film

Last week I caught the end of a beautifully shot film starring Liv Tyler, anyone know what the film is? My pictures where from the screen so not good quality but still gives a feel for the piece.

It was a period piece, seemed maybe set in Russia, or Austria or somewhere similarly cold and stunning. The costumes were great and there was an almost Stanley Kubrik feel about it, visually I mean. I never saw enough to assess the actual plot.

The last picture is Liv on ice, which is what I was like trying to get down the road this morning. They are good about grittiong/salting the roads here when it's a little chilly, but as soon as the weather person says 'hard frost' or 'freezing condition' they don't do it. So all the rain from the day before turned to black ice. I was on my bum a few times. Ouch. Luckily Marley isn't to have long walks this week till his wound has healed a bit.

Miss P, I hope your wound is doing ok and that you've had some rest since we spoke on Saturday. xx


burd said...

it looks as though it might be "onegin". perhaps a google image search will confirm with some of the images you saw in the film? :)

btw, than you for leading me to ullabenulla's blog. i adore the gypsy-ish images she posts. now i can lurk at her blog as well as yours. :P

Cally said...

Aha, the mystery may be solved. Thank you Burd.
And thanks for unlurking, I really love to know who's out there, I'll pop by your blog in a minute.


Hi Cally!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Feel free to use any image for your blog.

Thanks again!
bookmarked yours a favorite.

Anonymous said...

Oh I want to see this too! Is it Onegin? and 'burd' you can't lurk anymore... I discovered you here!

empordà experience said...

Yes, it is Onegin , one of my favorite film! I visit often your blog, it's very inspiring.

Cally said...

Hee hee, I'm loving having the lurkers coming out of the blog closet! It's such fun to visit your blogs... more more more!

Campo di Fragole -
it doesn't matter that I can't read your language, it is so good to just enjoy your images.

Collage a Day - thank you, I will post something soon and let you know :0)

Lesley Austin said...

Dear Cally,

I am visiting a friend in the city and able to check up on all the blogs I don't always read at home because of our very slow dial-up in the countryside.

So I am late to this conversation, but since it is/was de-lurking week, I will just chime in to say that I know Onegin and love its visual beauty, as I love the visual beauty of your blog.

Thank you for sharing your world and your heart.

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