Sunday 21 January 2007

Gypsy living

A Vardo (gypsy caravan) shown here (lots more pictures here in the picture gallery) on the Gypsy Caravans (UK) website. The site is predominantly about UK caravan and has a brief but good section on their history.

I love the gypsy asthetic and from a very early age wanted to live in an authentic gypsy caravan... you know, the wooden 'wagon' type with the fantastic decorative painting, and lots of textured and layered fabrics everywhere. It's part of why I've always been drawn to mobile homes, trailor living, because to me it's a cross between a gypsy caravan, a tree house and a beach hut. I would LOVE to have all 3 of these.

This came to mind just now because
Ulla posted about Roullottes in France (like my childhood fantasy but with better weather!) which I had briefly thought of staying in for last years wedding trip. Seeing her post makes me half wish I had, though I don't regret staying in the B&B with the other wedding guests as we had so much fun together.

She also posted some images of wonderful authentic gypsy clothing from ISHKA (i'd like the skirt on the right for gardening in the summer) as well as numerous links and other posts for all manner of gypsy themed things/people/places.

I miss reading Ulla's blog, and Alicia's. They post so much, which is great but the landline connection can't handle it without taking an age. I still have broadband at my house but it's too too cold to work there, it was 3 degrees C yesterday in my house. My stove works but I spent my fuel money doing christmas. That said, they say winter will truly arrive tonight, hard frost, so I must use heat so my pipes don't burst. So you see, if I lived in a Vardo or a Roulotte I wouldn't be worrying about burst pipes, I'd just be stoking my Queenie stove and making a cup of tea.


Anonymous said...

From one Gypsy lover to another... once a Gypsy always a Gypsy! or is that Tipsy... regardless, sorry about your cold, wish I could send you some of our strange January heat - Here's me blowing it your way - a la Gypsy ship... or is that Pirate???

Anonymous said...

i love the gypsy theme between you and ulla... cally, i tagged you (and ulla) somehow you just HAVE to get over and read ulla's 6 oddities. they will astound you! she is a marvel!
i adore this caravan up here - i think i would love to run away (summer time) in this for a month!

Cally said...

Hi Tim, thanks for the link to your site, I'll be heading there soon cause it sounds right up my street, I can't get enough of beach huts. Thanks for your comment.

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