Tuesday 20 March 2007

Andy Goldsworthy

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Ok I'm meant to off my blog this week and only sending pre-drafted posts but I HAD to do this one while Mr P and the visitors go off to rent Little Miss Sunshine for our viewing pleasure tonight.

Thanks to
Shari for this link to an article about one of the biggest influences in my artistic life - Andy Goldsworthy, who is doing a retrospective at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park! Installation slideshow here.

When I first saw Andy's work at his 'Hand to Earth' exhibition in Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens in 1990. I was blown away by what I saw. I found it so amazing and so beautiful that I was, literally, nearly sick. I still get like that about a few things, if they are totally visually new and exciting to me.

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I loved all his pieces and later found out about land artist Richard Long ( and others) who had been doing similar work for decades. But the pieces that most amazed me were ones I've never seen the like of before or since, leaf horns and a twig wall based on the same techniques as this one over water...

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Had had created this curtain of twigs right across the gallery, held together only with thorns. It was more random and delicate than the one shown above and the twigs were smaller. To this day I still can hardly believe it stayed in place. I was utterly in awe. It was the year before I started art College and it blew my mind and I'm sure contributed to my not following the 'rules' of making when I started college. He is recreating a version of that wall for his retrospective, this one uses over 10,000 thorns to hold the twigs in place. Now that is dedication to your art.

I actually got the chance to work with him in '93. He was in my final dissertation 'Art and the Environment' and when I wrote to ask him some questions for it I mentioned I'd love to work with him (he has an army of willing workers, paid and volunteers). He wrote back answering my questions and inviting me to come down in person! Unfortunately the timing was impossible, but I REALLY would have loved it. I think he was working at Grizedale Forest at the time, he has some really nice pieces there as do many other's like Richard Harris and Kees Bierman. I will try and find my photo's (all pre digital).

Because he worked so much in Scotland I'm lucky to have access to many of his permanent works in places I visit regularly, even where I walk Marley . This piece is at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh...

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Anonymous said...

I wondered when you mentioned the Penland Hills in one of your posts if you followed the work of Andy Goldsworthy. Doesn't he live in the Penland Hills? I, too, am a total fan of his work, but I've never come close to the real thing, I've only seen photographs. You've seen his movie, Rivers and Tides, right? Thanks for putting him in my mind today.

Tracy said...

goldsworthy is certainly a bright star in my art sky. i was lucky enough to work with him while he was doing an installation at the getty center here. he was amazing. thanks for the reminder! xo

Anonymous said...

As always your blog is great, there was a very nice period of jewellery and now this very incredible art pieces! Thanks!

Susan Schwake said...

i adore his work and thought of him when i saw your work for the first time... rivers and tides is such a wonderful movie that all of my students have seen it by now i constantly go on about it.
and we just watched little miss sunshine last weekend - it was wonderful!

Cally said...

I'm not sure where he's based now, it could be the Pentlands. He has one of his cairn things (like top photo) at up at Flotterstone, in the Pentland Hills, which is a favourite walk for me. I was so happy when I walked down the path one day and suddenly it had appeared!

He's lived in Scotland a lot and used to work on the land of the Duke of Buccleugh, they have gorgeous Estates in the South of Scotland. My Great Aunt was the Dukes secretary so it was her that gave me his address all those years ago. And yes, Rivers and Tides, perfect.

Ooh you lucky lady! And he was lucky too, to meet you.

You're welcome. Still more jewellery to come, but mixed with other things so I don't bore myself, or anyone else.

I totally agree. The world needs more good films doesn't it, they make such a huge and positive impression.

lisa solomon said...

i'll say what i said to shari - remind me to tell you about the time i met him!

he's great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about this Cally, I may have to visit the YSP when I see my mum.

Anonymous said...

i like so much this artist!

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