Sunday 11 March 2007

La Fille du Consul

You may have seen her in my comments section, now see the work of Paris based Delphine of La Fille du Consul. I love her coral jewellery above, and her red coral hairpiece shown below both available here. She works seasonally and has many different pieces which you can see in this overview here including work that looks like food, tasty.

* i forgot to say, Delphine's coral is artificial, so no guilt attached.


lisa solomon said...

oh such eye candy!
[i have a crush on coral right now - so much so i had to go and buy a bunch of it and make myself a necklace!]

Cally said...

Ooh, do we get to see the necklace? I haven't been your way for 2 days, maybe we have already seen it?

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