Thursday 8 March 2007

Jack Cunningham

I haven't blogged about Jack Cunningham for a while so when I saw that Galerie Hélène Porée had some of his work inc. the two shown below I thought I ought to do a quick search to see what he's up to this year. Lo and behold he is part of an exhibition called The Cutting Edge on right now in Edinburgh at the National Museum of Scotland until the 29th of April.

The piece above is from that exhibition I think, found via Craft Scotland.
He's someone who's work I'd like to be able to buy one day, but Grainne Morton is still at the top of my list with this piece that I am forever harping on about. It'll have to remain a dream for now, but if I ever met someone who wanted to marry me, or something, then I'd have that piece rather than a ring anyday (any Scandi looking blonde Eco men reading this, now you know how to win me over!).

Here's some more Jack from
Galerie Hélène Porée ...(please excuse pre prepared posts, I knew I wouldn't have time to work fresh this week).


Anonymous said...

Hi Cally, i cant wait to see your past works..very exciting when theres that connection!
But in the meantime these jewellery posts are so wonderful..i love bettys work but didnt know jack - fantastic - we have the same taste too!! xxx

Cally said...


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind these on MY walls. Scupltural and odd, but oh so whimsical!

Anonymous said...

Interesting sculptures, I love Grainne Morton's work, thanks for the link. Hope that 'Scandi looking blonde Eco man' finds you soon :)

Cally said...

I tthink a lot of us have a spaces on our walls that are just waiting for pieces like these.

Crust Station
It's nice that we like a lot of the same things, and thanks for the hope about my eco man, I'm keeping my eyes open!

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