Sunday 4 March 2007

copper and clay

My Mum always has a lot of my test pieces from early creations. Above is the 1st casting of for a porcelain fish shaped container, came out way too thick cause I used the wrong slip and got my timings out. The lid was better and was designed with silver clasp detailing but it's not here, maybe the dog broke it?

Below left (posted for Vanessa who has the BEST collection of religious wonders!) is a very rough test for more ceramic pieces I was developing as small container/alters. I'm not religous (though I am quite spiritual), but I love religious iconography and the idea of creating special places for things that are important to you.

Each piece was made with various compartments or drawers to hold little treasures in the bottom and space for a tealight at the top. As the range developed I began to make a dip in the top so that essential oils could be burned above the tealights to enhance the mood created when the pieces were lit.

Below right was really just me playing with some scraps of copper I had left over from my pod making (pods & seeds were a big focus in my degree pieces) . I hate to waste anything so I twirled them about and coloured them with heat to make a rustic looking double candle holder. Both these pieces sit in the small deep wooden windows of my parents cottage.

I groan a little when I see them because they are so rough, but they remind me of the pieces that followed, or didn't )kiln accidents etc.) and I like that they have a real home-made feeling that has more warmth than the later polished and perfect pieces. Ha, I have to laugh, they never ever were exactly polished and perfect in the end, just more even, less lop-sided and with better quality materials and fancy detaling.


julie said...

oh my gosh, i see what you mean now about us having a lot in common...i LOVE these pieces and i also have a thing about 'compartments' for you studied ceramics? And what are you doing today... in an artistic way? sorry, catching up here...

amisha said...

these pieces are wonderful... i really like the rough unstudied nature of them, the hints of what comes before and after. the altar... gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

They are stunning!!!! What fun.. And we had this in common all along?????? YAY!!!

Cally said...

Hey, this isn't the half of it, wait till you see my ceramic pods and seeds.

Thanks, I like what you said about the before and after.

Ah yes, there is much about me that perhaps I should start revealing. I'm way too secretive.

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