Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Luzia Vogt

Ring by Luzia Vogt showing at Platina.

I like things that are imperfect, wonky, bent, cracked...

A crumbling carpark I pass each day and my dented kettle.

Not all cracked things are good, my knee feels cracked after Marley spun round to bite his tail and my knee was in his way. Teeth met bone at full speed. Instant bruise, intense pain, even now after 3hrs. We had a lovely walk though.

I say walk, but actually, with my energy not great just now, we got to the fields and then sat by the gate and just watched the birds and sheep and blowing leaves for half an hour. It was really lovely and he was so good about it, no pulling or whining.

There was a fence on the hillock above us with a worn yellow carrier bags blown against it. The sunlight was streaming through and lighting it up and because we were sitting so low, it was seen, glowing, against a part of the sky that was dark grey/purple with rainclouds. Very beautiful.

Marley didn't even lunge when a slinky cream coloured cat appeared on the grassy path in front. I looked at him, he looked at it, it looked at us. Then it carried on wandering around in the long grasses for 5 minutes before walking off, totally unbothered by our presence. Lovely.

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amisha said...

what a lovely post... such a beautiful story of your walk. and that ring! stunning.
and...thank you so much for your compost tips! i have been storing up a great huge pile and there it sits. so good to know what needs to be done next ;)

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