Saturday 17 March 2007

Truike Verdegaal

Totally new to me is Truike Verdegaal a jeweller who lives and works in Amsterdam.
She graduated in '92 and is clearly having great success with some really strange and unusual work since then including her more recent 'bird' range which I particularly like (above right & below).

Now speaking of strange and unusual, I suddenly became aware of a habit of mine. When I'm home alone I sing a lot. Not strange, but... I often sing in a different accent all day. I never thought about this till just now when I was singing 'if you'd like to swing on a star' with a very 1920's, gangsters Moll (spelling?) New York accent. Try it, it's fun.

I only noticed because the cat looked round, unimpressed, and walked off to sleep in a different room. Other fave singing accents are an old deep south chain gang voice, chewy farmery English accents, soft North East Coast Scottish and various Irish. There are plenty more, but those, I think, are the regulars. I've no idea why.


amisha said...

what beautiful jewelry... great find!
i sing all day too :) often in different voices, made-up songs... i do love it.

Cally said...

you should have hear me singing 'Goldfinger' all day while I was making costumes, hysterical, glad no-one was around.

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