Thursday 22 March 2007

Miriam Verbeek + Marley

Sorry, I can't remember where I originally got this link for this wool necklace and detail by Miriam Verbeek

Today is a sad day. My brain can't work well when I'm this sad.
I feel heartbroken. Don't worry, no-one has died, but after a truly horrible day yesterday, and no sleep last night due to hideously gruesome night terrors so I was really looking forward to the fresh air and fields on my morning walk with Marley.

When I arrived at L's house to get him she was there (a work from home day) and was in tears. He had become just too much for her, and instead of walking him we had to take him back to the cat and dog home. It was awful.

I didn't get a last walk up the hill (and it was so sunny). I never got to take him to the beach. I never even got a last cuddle cause a girl came and put him on a lead and then just went. You know how you don't think straight in these situations. Too damn British to say 'Hey Lady, that's my dog I'm never going to see him again, I'd like to say goodbye'. Not that he cared, trotted of wagging his tail and never looked back. He's like that.

To be fair to L, he was a difficult lad, so much energy, very challenging for someone living on their own and who is not confident with dogs. He just overwhelmed her. She
will get another dog in future, and I will still share him with her. She was really upset thinking I'd hate her and never speak to her again.

It's been weird, to share in a dog in this way but to be dependent on another person being willing to keep him. I found him hard going at times too, but mostly he was a blessing to me in this bizarre year that I seem to be having. I don't need a man to complete me, but a dog helps. I'm more myself when I have a dog.

Next time she will look for an older female dog, and my walking will begin again. The hills and beaches aren't going anywhere. But I will miss Marley terribly, his blonde furrowed brow, his ginger eyelashes, his warm smell and his utter daftness. I hate that I'll never know what happens to him, who he ends up with, if he gets a good home. More tears tonight I think.


Tracy said...

oh cally. so sorry to hear of your news. my thoughts are with you... xo

Unknown said...

oh! a big hug cally!!

Susan Schwake said...

sending you a loving hug and warm wishes from here cally... i am sorry to hear this!

lisa solomon said...

oh cally... i'm so sorry to hear the sad news. so very very sorry.

[on a brighter note - the jewelry is amazing]

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read that Cally :-(

Anonymous said...

My commiserations, that's very sad...
I'm hope Marley will be like a cat in his fortunes and land on his feet...I'm sure he will cause he's beautiful.

amisha said...

cally... so sorry to hear about marley. **hugs** thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I will be thinking of you and Marley today.

Anonymous said...

So sorry that Marley had to go back Cally, that is so hard. Dogs are such companions - everything about them - the little details of their bodies, their character and their smell. By that I don't mean a doggy smell, just that biscuity outdoor smell you get on their fur - specially when they have been out for a (dry) walk. You have had a mixed-up time lately with your job and the ongoing work on your home so he was a good stress buuster even though he sounded a strong and difficult boy.
I have never had a male dog, just bitches so maybe they are calmer. Sorry you are so sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the dog. My mom has 3 and while I enjoy them when I'm there, I don't know if I could handle dealing with them every day. How sad for you and your friend.

But don't worry, you will find another dog (perhaps older or a different breed?) with a calmer disposition who will suit you both better.

Cally said...

Thanks everyone. It's been nice to read your comments (including new commenters - hi).

She does plan to get another dog, female, older, and we'll make sure there's no collie in this one! Not that I have no problem with collies in themselves, but they deserve active energetic owners.

Not sure when this will happen, not immediately, and it depends on finding a dog that she feels able to cope with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cally, sorry to hear about your loss of Marley, he sounds like an amazing dog. Hope you feel better soon. Warm wishes.

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