Friday 2 March 2007

Eat more veg

Radishes weren't actually on my radar as 'foods I want to learn to love' but when I saw these looking so brilliant and reduced to 59p, I figured it was worth buying even just for photographic potential.

I'm not big on peppery things so I plan to add them in thin slices with other things when raw, and to steam the rest so it is gentler on the senses.

Dog training woman comes this afternoon. I'm not up to it at all, but hopefully she'll be ok with me watching while she works with Marley and L.


christine ann haynes said...

Hi sweet girl!

Your radish art is fabulous!

Happy Blogiversary to you and your delightful blog! I love all of your blues!

I check in on you everyday and you are in my thoughts. I am sorry that I have not commented in quite a while. I hope that will change soon!

Now then you are more than welcome to post anything of mine that you like. You are a doll!

I hope to talk to you soon. Hugs and more hugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you have been so very healthy.... Can you steam radishes??? How interesting. I did not know this....You don't like peppery spicey things?? Hee hee, we eat spicy candy in Mexico...It has chile and lemon all over it.... dried on, it makes your tongue ache & burn with glee!!

Cally said...

Hi Christine, thanks, and thanks. I can't blog it now but I will asap, it's SO gorgeous. And hey, don't worry about not commenting, good lord, you send actual real things to me in the post, how amazing you are!

Ah, well... chile and lemon, now that's different, they sound goooood, though still I may find hard to take so much as I so with most candy things. But I will continue to train my tongue to like knew things every year. I am determined.

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